Go is an island at the middle of an ocean. In this island no mankind is living. If one comes accidently, he immidieatly run away or scared to death by the residents of the island. The Residents, they are a klan of gorrilas. They live in peace with the other creatures that live in the GO island. But with humans, it is not like so......

There is one thing more that makes our island special. And that is the treasuses inside of it caves. Our island is surrounded by coral reef and the weather is not so friendly in this region. That cause many ships to sank near the island. And that loot is protected by the gorrila clan.

The leader of the Clan, the stongest of all has the name GO, same as the island's name. The Mighty protector of the island. So our name cames from this stong Gorrila, GO. We are here to protect your valuables like our strong friends.

When GG met Gogoril Pack

When GG met Gogoril Pack (Behind The Scene)